Life Goes On

I returned the blog to how it was. Mostly because I'm not posting that much on it anyway and I like the way it was better. And if anybody has a problem with me having pictures on it like this, that's their problem. This is still my personal blog.

Life has been pretty much nil lately, the exciting stuff I'm not really at liberty to talk about and my free time is quite nearly non existent. I haven't even had a huge opportunity to work out so even though my 100 push ups idea is on the forefront of my brain, I can't get myself motivated enough to do them because I have a billion and one other things at work that have my time occupied instead.

So what do I do when I am not working my butt off?

ROCK BAND : This game is my release. It finally came out for the Wii and since I don't have time to hit a karaoke bar, I can just throw it on and sing a couple of songs on it, or play some faux drums or guitar. I think I like the singing the best, but I'm stuck on this one song that for some reason I'm completely tone deaf on because I can't beat it to open up the next level of songs on the solo version.

I would like to play with other people, but everyone I know is either to busy to play or they are not allowed too. Like I said, my limited free time is mostly non existent.

PHOTOS : I've been taking a lot of pictures of various things. I have my camera on me most of the time and when I get the chance, I go out and take pictures. Most people have no problem with me taking pictures because I turn around and share them. Most pictures I do not have the option of posting online because I don't have permission from the people in them to post them. But then there are the other items that I get pictures of. I tend to get a lot of pictures of bugs.

I'm learning a lot about my lenses. I'll have to share later.

MOVIES : The last movie I saw in the theaters was Incredible Hulk. I wasn't too impressed. Edward Norton did a great job, but I guess I haven't gotten into the Hulk craze. If there is such a thing. The idea behind it isn't as appealing to me as other super hero movies I've seen. For some reason, I like the idea behind Spiderman and X men more.

The last movie I saw before that? I think it was Indiana Jones 4. I haven't had a lot of time to go see movies.

WRITING : You know what my outlet has largely been? Writing my strange twisted stories. I haven't had a lot to blog about so I haven't really been blogging (have you noticed?) but I do enjoy writing. One of my stories I'm working on has topped 650 pages. When I started writing it, I didn't have that intention. I think if I could write a story that had a semi readable storyline, I would really enjoy being an author. I have discovered that I really do enjoy letting my imagination go wild, but sometimes it goes a little to wild.

WORKING OUT : Hah, I haven't been. I do what I can when I can do it. But the only time I really have to work out is in the evenings, and I'm a night owl. If I work out after seven, I get the adrenaline going and won't go to sleep until midnight or later. And then I won't get up the next morning, which is early.

Which leaves me for the things that I would LIKE to do if I can get the chance.

COMBATIVES : I think my favorite thing I've done recently that I didn't think I would enjoy as much as I do is Combatives, though its kind of an Mixed Martial Arts thing. I'm level one certified and I would really like to do Level Two, even though I would undoubtedly recieve a black eye and get the crap beat out of me when I go for it. If I could get up to level three I would really like too, but I can only expect so much in my position. But I think I just need to get in and roll more often. It's hard to do combatives because you really need to do it with somebody you trust, but it will give you a fantastic workout and will kick the snot out of you. I haven't been working out as much as I would like, but I think if I were to find a hobby such as this I would really enjoy it. Though is 27 to old to really start getting into something like this? I hate getting older, and I can already tell where my body is going to give out on me.

Whatever, I really need to find a hobby I can deal with that keeps me physically active. I'm going to be here for a little while, I just need to keep busy and my mind off of certain things and I think in the long run I'm good to go.

REPELLING : I love to do this kind of Hooah crap, and there is opportunities around here where you can learn how to do more adventuristic things, like Repel off of rocks and off of towers. I think when I get home I'm going to invest in some repelling equipment and find a big tote and throw it in there and go repelling more often. I need to take a class on it actually, maybe in the civilian world. Or maybe get into a class to do it with my current employer. But not just the bssic three bounces and you are down type of repelling. I want to do the crazy stuff too. Maybe I can get into Rock Climbing as well?

SKY DIVING : September, I'm going to find a place that does skydiving, and I'm going to scratch this off of my bucket list. I am going to jump out of an airplane as a reward for surviving this summer.

If I'm lucky maybe I'll even survive it.

SNOW BOARD : It's still the summer time. But I think this winter I'm going to get more snowboarding in. For the killer winter we had that gave us feet of snow, I didn't take advantage of it nearly enough.

When I listen to a bunch of people talk about what they do for fun out in the real world, it makes me really appreciate the time I have when I'm not working and makes me want to do more and be more active.

The problem with that is it generally costs money. And I like to do things with crap I already have.

Why are my plethora of hobbies so damn expensive anyway?

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