I know I've been quiet for the last little bit, but this is to good to pass up. See, I got Hatemail!!!

First I'd like to say I am a Ex Marine. Second what does someone from the army know about saluting? During my time in the Corp the Army used to send us Army troops to train with us. That was a joke. They could not drill, They could not PT and they had no clue about military bearing. They could not shoot and had the stamina of a 90 year old heart patients. They were out of shape, fat and lazy. But most of all very stupid. You really ought to keep your comments to yourself. I suppose you are republican on top of it. You are absolutely pitiful. Get back in the kitchen and stay there.

MonteLee Babilius

Don't you think it's interesting how this guy first tells me he's a Marine, and then he goes on to bash the Army. See, there is a playful rivalry between the services, but I find it fascinating how he goes to paint the entire Army as Fat, Out of Shape, Undisciplined and Lazy.

Frankly, I love his sexist remark of going back to the kitchen and staying there. Funny, I'm somewhat of a traditional feminist with Woman's roles. I think a woman can do anything she sets her mind too, if she can do it and wants to do it, all the more power to her. If she doesn't want to spend her time in the kitchen, that's her choice, and if she does want to be a homemaker, there is nothing wrong with that either. But apparently, if you're a conservative woman, you are a hypocrite unless you are barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. Only liberal women have the right to be empowered. Or apparently, that is the mindset of this retard.

I also like how he paints me as a Republican. (I'm not, I've considered myself Independent for a good eight years or so).

Anyway, here's my response to this idiot.

Wow, you sound like you really know what you're talking about. Secondly, you sound like you're talking out of your ass. Thanks for letting me know you were an ex-marine, sounds like you passed the test to get in, did you get your head in a jar?

It's fascinating how you paint the entire US Army as pitiful and out of shape. Guess what? I've met some outstanding Marines in my service in the Army and I've met some real turds as well. It goes both ways, no service has a monopoly on dirtbags. That's what we get for being the largest service in the military, we aren't quite as selective on who we take, but it sounds like you certainly respect our military in general, or rather you don't. It's one team one fight, there is a rivalry between the services but I wouldn't be so quick as to brashly paint an entire service of a million people serving their country as being worthless and undisciplined.

PS - I'm an Independent. I'm guessing you're an ass. And there is no such thing as an ex-Marine. Once a Marine always a Marine. Like I said, I know a few. They are honorable men. You sir, are not.

PPS - I know a little bit about Drill and Ceremony, and yes, I certainly do know how to Salute.

You know, maybe he is an ex-marine? He sounds so ashamed of the military that he doesn't want to consider himself one anymore, but to give himself clout in an argument, he throws in the ex in there so he can say he actually served.

I have very little respect for people like this.

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