Still Living Life

My poor neglected blog. Facebook has really done a number on you hasn't it? I guess it's because Facebook is just so dang convenient. And addicting. Yikes!

So the latest? Well, still pregnant. In fact, pregnancy does take a number on you when you just want to rest all of the time and a quick jot on Facebook to keep people updated on your thoughts and life is all you really have time for.

So, I guess this is my status update:
- Animal Stats: I currently possess two horses (plus one boarded horse that pays for the other two), two barn cats, five hens, two roosters, two rabbits, and a dog. The dog is a recent acquisition. I recently had to rehome one of my horses, the old mare. She no longer became a kids horse. That story is infuriating to me.

- I had a preterm labor scare, if you didn't know, I am trying to go for natural childbirth, meaning no interventions, and letting the wee one come when she may. The first scare came about two weeks ago, at 35 weeks along, when she undeniably dropped. Last week, I had to cancel my baby shower because I was having back labor and a few other labor signs. We were pretty sure her arrival was imminent, and my midwife checked me out, told me I'm dialated at 1cm and my cervix is effaced at 90%. Basically I just need to dialate to 10 and my water break and she's entering into the world. Because my husband frequently works out of town, to calm my mother's nerves, she had me stay with her until he came back.

-I'm at 37 weeks, which is about three weeks shy of my due date (wee!), however apparently I had elevated levels in my glucose testing, which tests me for gestational diabetes. Well, apparently somebody missed something, so I had an ultrasound today to see where baby is at. Apparently, she is weighing in at 7 pounds, 8 ounces, give or take a pound (which is quite a spread actually). I just got to cut back on my carbs these last few weeks and watch what I eat. And I get to check my blood sugar levels as I'm at a heightened risk for gestational diabetes. Nice.

- So munchkin is arriving at any time, but since I'm not working at present (love my husband) and just doing odd things to help with the income, I've been taking online classes. The army pays for them so while I'm still in the army I need to take full advantage of that. I was going for a business major, thinking it was more marketable, but decided after my first business class that I shouldn't torture myself and went into Education instead. I keep going back to education. My first class specifically geared toward my new major? Child and Adolescent Development. Very relevent to my life at present.

- I really need to do a post on hypnobirthing, but I think I'm going to save it for when I have the baby. So I can give all the little details and how it worked (or didn't, but we'll try to stay positive and focus on it working) after baby arrives.

- I think very little in my life is not centered around the squirt in my belly. But I guess in regards to current events, I really don't get the occupy wall street movement. Due to trying to remain positive, I will leave it at that.

- Trying to get into the coupon clipping madness, in an attempt to save money seeing we are a one income household at present (and whatever side dollars I bring in on my spare time). It can be maddening.

- Had a debate with somebody on facebook in regards to professional photography (I do it for fun, with a little income on the side, but not enough to require a business license) and it was kind of amusing. Eventually I would love to be able to do it full time (not the wedding side, I think that would cause me to shoot myself), but I was basically told that I should not do it in that regard, even for friends, as I'm doing them a diservice by not referring them to a professional. Actually, I think my pictures are pretty decent. I've been building a portfolio for the last year or so with random people here and there. Lot's of trial and error, that's why I say I'm doing it for fun. Big debate to be had though.

I guess I'll leave it at that for now.


Patrick said...

What is the "facebook" of which you speak?

Cats and Quilts said...

One offer of advice: you have only a few days left...... rest. Rest. Rest. Even if all you do is quietly watch your chickens or gaze at clouds. Rest.

And relax your shoulders.

Good luck, you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Pogue said...

How come you haven't posted a picture? (The ultrasound doesn't count!)