I have sworn (for personal reasons) that I wouldn't get to political this election season.  Who am I fooling?  I guess that means I should resort to Twitter and Blogger, and leave Facebook for pics of the kidling and other stuff.  I have lately been ignoring Twitter and Blogger, so I guess I need to find a way to use them for my political outlet. 

First off, the Obama campaign came out with this little number here:

Look, hip movie stars and a bunch of random people talking about how Obama is for All of us, as they pledge their vote to Dear Leader.  Looks creepy to me.  It does remind me of an earlier phenomenom that also incorporated movie stars.

Not pledging to the country, but specifically Obama.  Nothing creepy about that, if you're into dictators. 

Even more ironic that they made a flag "to say there are no red states or blue states, only the United Obama States" FIFY!

I had to respond, only to discover Gov Perry beat me at my idea. 

Well, was looking for a good reason to wear that shirt. 


Sigivald said...


I'm willing to pledge allegiance to a Flag, as - as the Pledge says - a symbol of the Republic.

I'm willing to (haven't, as never having been in the services, but willing to, and acting so without any oath) swear to defend the Constitution, since it's the core of the Republic, and it and the values it represents are exactly what make the Republic worth pledging devotion to.

I'll pledge myself to ideals, if they're good ones.

But pledging to a person? To a President?

Oh, Hell no.

Not even one I voted for.

Sigivald said...

(Nota bene: The last line there is meant to say that I wouldn't do it even if the President was a guy I voted for.

Not that I voted for this one.)

Kami Donnelly said...

Indeed, you never pledge allegiance to a man, you vote them into office and then you hold them accountable, something the left doesn't see as important with their guy

Haji said...

There's not enough room on your hands to point out all the downsides to The One. Unemployment, gas prices, foreign policy...even his speeches are irritating. That guy without a teleprompter is like a fish out of water. It's almost painful to see.