To Do List
  • Call Soldier - Well that was easy
  • Finish Packing room
  • Figure out what's wrong with YACCS
  • Cover Three Canvases with paint
  • Buy Harry Potter Five
  • Read Harry Potter Five
  • Put Together AGR Packet
  • Get HIV Test- interesting story behind this too.
  • Write Memo for Active Duty - Never Mind
  • Fine Tune Current Comic
  • Get next dozen or so Comics done so there is something on when I head to San Antonio
  • Get back Watercolors From Karen - YAY!!!
  • Take Egon Schiele Books back
  • Prep Art for Storage (or find a place to hang it)
  • get prepared for art show at Far West
  • Hound the army to get my pay right
  • Get room Ready to paint
  • Paint Room
  • Pack Clothes
  • to be added too

I got a lot of things to do. My presence on the interent will be minimal. However, now i have an easy way to check up on my dozen or so current comics that I read.

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