yesterday, I was practically eaten alive, and I have several massive welts all over my body (covered by many bandaids to prevent me from scratching) to prove it.

In other news, I officially killed my niece Jessica's love of horses by losing patience with her yesterday. I don't think I'll be a good teacher.

Oh, and I found a tick in my hair after hiking around Riverside State Park, which prompted me to run to the bathroom and order both of my nieces to strip after our brief excusion into the wilderness, to make sure they had no ticks on them. None was found. Whew.

Oh, and I lack any and all common sense. Just thought I would reaffirm that. For some reason, I have found myself in a funk and reluctant to do anything, including a homework assignment in Watercolor (my last class, considering I've completely shammed on Pre Cal, considering I won't be going to Western now.)

Life sucks. I'm having withdrawel issues and I have successful withdrawn from internet social life as well, er, except for my webcomic that nobody I know reads but that's ok.

I would go into detail but I'd rather not. Meanwhile, this site might be getting a complete makeover here shortly, and then I'll likely abandon it for a good three or four months when my computer gets packed away for who knows how long. Oh bliss.

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