Art Status

I'm currently working on a painting. . .

. . . I'm not so sure about it yet.

Anyway, my mom comes in and sees it, and I ask her about it. Basically a 'what do you think?' kind of question.

She looks at it and says 'well, I can't wait to see you finish it, you always seem to make them work.'

Me. 'Well right now I can't stand it.'

Mom. 'Oh, you hate it too?'

Being a parent, I guess mom doesn't want to hurt my feelings, as, well, she's my mom and parents love everything their kids do artistically. . . most of the time.

I got some more colors and decided to work on some other paintings, so I walked into the art supply store. They had a sale on canvases.

I went nuts.

I'm going to be painting a lot through this month I suppose.

Pictures to come.

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