Blogger in Beta!

So Blogger has finally decided to add labels to posts. I think this is pretty nifty because I've been wanting labels for my posts for a while now, as it helps when one wants to go back and review them for whatever reason. However, because I do my own HTML and don't use Blogger's ready made formats for my blog posts, I don't know how to do the formatting to get it done.

Meanwhile, I'm finally done with school for this quarter. And I have an entire month before I have to go back. This is freakin' sweet! So for the next month, I can just work my butt off and go snowboarding every chance I get.

I haven't gone once this season yet, and the mountain has been open for three weeks. I don't know what's come over me.

Oh yeah, its called School and Work taking up my weekends and prime snowboarding time. I'm going for the first time this season on Thursday.

And I'm taking a break from Horseback Riding for now. Haven't had lessons in three weeks. I've gotten to this point where I need to be riding much more then I currently am to make it worth my while.

PS - the Blogger overhaul complete with Labels continues, and is a slow process, but I'm enjoying the results thus far!

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