Third Time

Apparently, I didn't knock hard enough.

Yes, I got smacked THREE times this last week. Twice on Sunday (within 5 hours of each other) and a third time on Wednesday, a phantom driver apparently backed into my back door. I only noticed it because my car was filthy and it was kind of hard to miss the scrapes on the door (which is dented in). And of course, the pea sized hole in the bumper which actually pushed my bumper into my car. And don't forget the dent in the fender (can't open that door all the way now).

Police report done on the fender and turned in, and estimates done on the three accidents. Of course, the back door is a phantom driver, so I think I'll find another way to get it fixed rather then call my insurance about it. Meanwhile, I'm waiting on the other two.

Sadly enough, I know the guy who ran into my front fender. He leaves for Fort Benning in three weeks.

I went out and got studless snow tires on my car yesterday. I'm not taking any more chances with my car.

Apparently it's a black hole, and other cars are drawn to smack into it. I've been on the defensive with driving for the whole week.

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