3D Animations To Share

So, I uploaded my animations onto YouTube to share. No, they are nothing fancy. At all.

I don't know why they uploaded weird like they did, but the first moment is kind of weird looking.

They are all really quick, only a couple of seconds. And yes, the meshes aren't right, hes not skinned properly, and he has no eyes. But the character works for me.
The first one is a walk run excercise, where I had to do my character walking or running. He's running. I've only got one cycle though, I can't figure out how to loop it yet.

Here he is pulling on a box. This one may have come out most successfully.

And here he is pushing on a box. More fun.

His arms look like puddy at times and the mesh isn't exactly perfect, but I'm very excited to be able to understand how to do this now, I just have to iron out the details. Now that i know what I'm doing *sort of* I feel better about the software. THere is a lot of it I understand, like lighting *sort of* and cameras and now animation and all of that. Now I got to figure out the modelign and skinning better.

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