Animation Woes

So my current major is 3D Animation. And I've been having issues with my 3D modeling class this quarter. One of the main reasons being that I discovered that I'm not to fond of modeling.

The good news is that the industry generally doesn't have one person do all aspects of the process. You generally focus on one area and work on that and when you're done you turn it over to somebody else. For instance, in character animation, you'll have somebody model the character, then that character will probably go to a materialist who gives it a certain look (this might be the same person in fact). Then you have a rigger, who puts a skeletol structure in the character and skins it so certain areas of the model are affected by certain bones (kind of like giving a 3d character muscles so to speak). Once all that is said and done, you have an animator who goes in and animates the character to do action poses and so on. And then there are other aspects, like background modelers and animators, lighting specialists, camera animators and so on.

I discovered i like animating, and I get materials, lighting and cameras. I could focus on any of these four areas in the animation process and be all happy. But I think once I get the hang of it, the modeling process might grow on me as well.

I just don't get skinning. At all.

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