My Inner Nerd Emerges

The trip continues. And I am about as spontanious as I've ever been.

Currently I'm on my way to New York, but I'm taking this trip fairly easy, steady as I go, part of the trip afterall is the trip itself. So if I see something that looks interesting, I'll stop and check it out.

Saturday, while driving between Cincinnati and Columbus, I see a sign on the road that says 'Renassaince Fair' and I think "hmm, sounds interesting" and I find myself at the Ohio Renaissance Festival. This was a complete fluke.

So I checked it out. And decided to come back the next day.

I meant to take more pictures (loved the jousting) learned that there is apparently a huge military subculture in the renassaince fair scene, and got dressed up in an outfit complete with flintlock pistol.

I need to post a picture, I spent more money then I meant too, but damn did I have a fun time!

That's what this trip is all about afterall. I just need to keep a tighter rein on the bank account.

I think I'll go to these more in the future. I've gone to things similar to it in the past but didn't get dressed up. That's half the fun in my opinion.

Halloween costume is a go and doesn't involve camouflage.

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