Money the Root of Most Disgruntlement

I am disgruntled.

Why you might ask? That's a good question. You know the whole postal worker analogy about how they go bat crazy insane because they do the same thing every day or some such nonsense? Well, I don't think I'm disgruntled because of that so much, as I'm more disgruntled due to, well, being repeatedly hosed by my employer.

As an alibi, the economy currently sucks and if I weren't here I would be unemployed or working a crappy dead end job somewhere. But I'm not, I'm here, and I'm employed, and the money ain't that bad. In fact, it's pretty good, though I work insane hours and often times I work my ass off to earn it.

That aside, there is a little thing about 'funds' and 'money' that is a rule of law with most people. See, most people don't like it when other people mess with their money. Fancy that, I wonder why? Myself, well, once you auto deposit that money in my bank account, I like to consider that money mine and I don't have to worry about paying it back. Like, say, that whole issue with the little trip back to Washington this summer. I got per Diem for there and my current location (somewhere in Kentucky for those of you who aren't tracking where I am residing) which I knew was going to bite me in the bank account later. I knew it. That's why I didn't even want to put in for a travel voucher, because I knew I would get screwed.

Well turns out they paid me for that trip. And I was double dipping. So guess what? I got to pay that back. Want to know more? I will be likely be paying back the HIGHER amount of $29.50 a day versus the paltry $13.50 a day. For 45 days.

That kind of money adds up. You know, its nice you paid me, but I would rather not get the extra money in the first place if you are going to make me pay it back later. But that's how Bureaucracies work, especially in the government with their thousands of various forms to fill out and desire to make things as painfully complicated as possible. But then again, that's the government for you. Their solution, if it ain't broke, fix it 'til it is.

And then there is that simple case of sticking me for an accident in a government vehicle that should have by all rights been insured, but that is just me ranting about something thats old news by now. It only hit my bank account by another grand or so, because somebody on top decided that it was more important to stick it to their lowly over worked staff while maintaining their budget instead of making sure that vehicles were properly insured when somebody (me) got into a minor fender bender a year ago. And they expected MY insurance to pay for it. That is another rant, I'm still furious over it and it is one of the reasons why my morale is pretty much at a stagnant 3 on a scale of one to ten.

Why isn't it at a one? Well, because I actually do enjoy my job and have fun, when I'm allowed to do it, or actually am doing it, and am not dealing with complete and utter retards. But that would be another rant. So please, take my money and tell me how to do my job when it appears people on the top or more interested in what looks good on paper versus say, actually training to quality and standard, and maybe if they would learn to back off and trust us to not abuse our authority that mayb we would actually be able to deliver a better product (using a generalized term for what I actually do). But again, that is another rant, for another day, and likely not something I should go into at this place and time. *sighs*

Meanwhile, I can say this. I'm glad that I was at least anticipating having my paycheck raped for the payback of that per Diem I will undoubtedly owe. So I'll just sit back and do mundane tasks for the next week until I go on Leave.

Ah yes, Leave. I think I will be back up to a six or maybe even a seven on the morale front when I get back from Leave.

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