On Secret Projects, Leave and Lot's of Automatic Weapons

We're about ready to graduate this latest crop of misfits, and it looks like we will not be picking up another cycle, so once they are good and gone, I'll probably be updating a lot more blogwise. Seeing as I will have time to do so.

I recently got this idea for a project that I think will be ready to go sometime next spring. To be honest, if I had the resources, I could do it right now but logistically I'm missing a few key pieces. I think it will be pretty cool when its all sad and done and will require myself recruiting some help (which is truthfully the hardest thing for me to do, asking people for help) and getting prepared for it. What is this project you ask? Well, it's secret. But to keep from annoying my few sparse readers, from now on whenever I refer to my project, I will call it Operation Zombie Plan.

Operation Zombie Plan is still in the planning phases.

In other news, with graduations comes time off, and in my world, that is called Leave. I have some wheels (though I'm worrying more and more that I may have gotten myself a lemon) and I need to come up with a plan. Namely, what do I want to do with myself?

I'm either going North (New York?) or South (Orlando?). Or maybe even overseas, (anyone know of any good deals to, well, anywhere on the planet?) This is quite spontanious of me, I know, but me being me, somebody mentioned Amsterdam and I just lit up at the notion.

Of course, with my luck, I'll be in DC when there is another major terrorist attack like the one that apparently was diverted recently in New York.

But regardless, before hand, there is one thing that happens in Kentucky but Twice a Year, and I might as well give you the heads up now because I will blog it. Yes, the Machine Gun Shoot.

For some reason, I was thinking it was the 3, 4, and 5th until I just checked their website and discovered it was the following weekend. Damn, that puts a little dent in my plans.

I'm still attending though.

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