I want to really get back into blogging. About what, i'm not sure. But seeing my blogging is sporadic at best, and my life is in chaos at present, I'm not sure how long it will be before I find the time to pull myself away from Mafia Wars and state my opinion on different things. Because I think for the most part that's what I really did enjoy about blogging is just stating opinions.

So what is up with me? I'm married now, crazy I know. Getting married has shaken things up in the personal life quite a bit. I'm enjoying married life so far, and I'll give some info on my significant other in time, but I probably won't be blogging a lot about him mostly because private life should probably stay somewhat private and I probably tell to much about myself anyway.

What is keeping me from blogging? Well, I've got a busy life! I've got two horses, I've moved all of my crap into his place and in the process of downsizing ten years worth of accumulation of various stuff being I'm a pack rat, and trying to get ready to go to BNCOC/ALC phase 2 for the army (one of those schools you have to go too). That's a fun one, seeing I just found out an 'eight week' course I'm supposed to have done before I go to school and I have to get it done in three days. Fortunately, it is completely doable.

One of these days, I'll post pictures.

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