New URL?

So my life has settled down over the last few hectic months, and I think I want to get back into blogging again. The problem is, well, Blogger disabled their FTP service, of which was how I was blogging before. Apparently .5% of blogs wasn't good enough reason for them, and I am apparently to stubborn to make the switch. Dang it all.

Anyway, the blog up until this point still resides on the original domain of www.risawn.com/blogger.html is archived on my original site, however from this point on, I have to choose a new domain name and have it hosted by blogger. So the new domain name?


What's a iratblu? It's kind of a funny word, is that what my blog is going to be known as now? risawn.blogspot.com was taken however, that was a blog idea that I quickly abandoned for various reasons, and you only need so many blogs. Anyway, we'll see if this move works well as planned, or if it doesn't. We'll see.

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