The Horses

One of my latest things is Horses. I've got three (plus a boarder) so I might as well write about them and introduce you to them so you know who I am talking about when I start talking about them.

First there is Jet.
 Jet is my skinny old Tennessee Walking Horse that's coming about 23 years old.  She is my tride and true throw anybody on her that is a reasonable weight horse.  She does great with kids in that she tests them just enough to see what they know and if they give her conflicting commands she doesn't do anything.   But if you prove that you know what you're doing she responds as well.  She is old and therefore lazy, but still has some go to her.  I've also been in the process of working to keep her weight on, as she is my bossy dominant mare in the pasture and tells the other horses what for.

I purchased her in April, but not really for her.  It was a two for deal, but she's grown on me. 

The horse I purchased her with is Breezy.

Breezy was kind of thin here for whatever reason, but she's porked up recently.  She's a quarterhorse lineback dun, and I have to get her age confirmed officially because I originally thought she was eighteen and then I was told she was fourteen or fifteen.  This little girl has go, she LOVES to run.  She's also a gaming horse, I just did a bit of pattern racing on her recently and holy crap have I found a new love!  So much fun!  This horse knows more then I do and she is very well trained, take her out on the trails and she just wants to go.  She also allows a confident beginner to ride her, she is not hot, though once she starts going she is difficult to slow down, and she does these super tight turns that can take you by surprise if you aren't ready for them.  Everyone who rides this horse loves her.

Magic is the boarded horse. 

Approximately 15 year old Morgan Mare that has a nervous habit of immediately starting to sweat as soon as you get on her.  She is actually a great trail horse, if she doesn't know the trails she listens a lot better.  However, the trails near our house she knows and therefore she just wants to go and prances a bit.  She's not a bad horse, but she has a profuse amount of sweat that can get a little disgusting.  And all she wants to do is eat.

She belongs to a friend, but I have been riding her more then she does, mostly because when I go out with people, I tend to put them on Breezy and Jet and I ride Magic. 

Bo was a trial horse.  He turned out to be insane, so he stayed for a grand total of three days. 

Ok, he wasn't really insane, but he wasn't rideable due to an injury.  He had some other issues going on.  It was kind of fun in a scary 'I'm going to die' way when he went into a bucking fit with me. 

Then there is Turtle
Turtle is our resident gelding that we got about three weeks ago.  The only boy in a field full of girls, poor guy.  He is actually quite sweet and cuddly as far as horses go.  He's also an off the track thoroughbred, having come off the race track in Portland.  No big races though, a couple maidens and when he finally won one of those he went on to win a few claiming races, but nothing big.  He's our project horse, can't wait to try him on the trails and see how he does.  I kind of have it in mind to teach him how to jump.  Don't know if I'll do any serious showing with him, but he is quite calm and mellow for a former race horse.  He's only six, coming seven too.  He'll go when pushed, but he prefers the leisurely stroll, which is nice and the anti Magic and Breezy, who just want to go go go.  He's also going to be a husband horse, because he's so tall, and my husband is a full foot taller then me.
So there are the horses (and one former horse) that I ride.  Next year I anticipate that I'll be doing a lot of stuff with them, especially Breezy and Turtle.  Jet has become more of the guest horse, when people come to ride I throw them on her. 

That's my herd.  Unfortunately, I get this idea in mind as soon as I see a horse for sale I want to check it out and perhaps buy it.  Husband doing a good job of reining me in on that.  I think for now these four are going to be our only horses, but perhaps I can talk him into letting me bring another one in?

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