Story Time

This is a story, about a boy and a girl, and one determined little kid.

See, this boy and girl met each other, hung out together, found themselves compatible and decided to begin dating. They did things the old fashioned way when he finally popped the question and she said yes. They were married in a quaint backyard wedding with a few friends and family present.

The boy and girl, seeing as they were only briefly engaged, decided to take their time in starting a family. They had many plans, they wanted to travel together and see the world, get to know each other a little better, encourage each other to stay active by participating in different races and relays, they were already planning on what they wanted to do, thinking perhaps ‘next fall’ would be the perfect time to begin their family. There was a lot on their plate, girl had some jobs coming up soon that she was looking forward to, boy had things he wanted to buy, things were well for the two of them as they completed their house and were starting their life together.

The kid had other plans. Though the boy and girl decided to be careful, tracking the time of month and their fertility calendar and arranging their unions around that and using some contraceptives (girl was a little weary of using hormones in her birth control), the kid had apparently waited long enough as the boy and girl were entering their thirties and decided ‘nope, sorry mom and dad, I’m coming now.’ The girl was a little bit frazzled when she realized the kid decided to come a year ahead of schedule, trying to wrap her head around the thought of becoming a parent, but alas, her original plans were thwarted with new ones.

One determined little kid was entering their lives come June or so.

Moral of story? Condoms aren’t foolproof.

PS – I’m pregnant. . .


Brian said...

Kids have a way of doing that... :)

Congrats to you both! Prayers for a safe and easy pregnancy!

John Weidner said...

Congratulations. And God bless you!

It will be harder than anything before, and better than anything before.

And you will feel so odd, pretending to be a grown-up and a parent. But somehow you will play the role, and then discover that you know how to do it and you really are what you are pretending to be..

Andrew C said...

Congratulations! You're life will never be the same! (It'll be better of course, except for the terrible twos-threes, when they turn 13, but definitely after they graduate from college, maybe)

You have a great family for support and you'll do better than you could ever imagine.

Pogue said...


Bradley said...


Kaisa Bailey said...

Ha! That's some real determination.....you give your kids your own traits! Even the ones you wish you didn't have....this is a good one though (: CONGRATS!!!

Anonymous said...


Mommy-blog here we come. Heh.

drew458 said...

Ha, I knew it!!

Way to go, congratulations Sgt. Mom.