Style Blogging, Like Only I Can

So what makes up this ensemble?  Hmm, starting from the top, Foot Traffic Half Marathon T-shirt from 2009 because they were on discount and I was to cheap to buy the 2010 version (which I actually ran) over a black long sleeve T I picked up at a thrift store a few years back, because T-shirts over long sleeve is just a style I picked up with that usually goes for teens that I don't care, I like.  Even if they bunch up around the belly and give me a few extra pounds, it adds extra warmth in the spring time.  Tommy Jeans that I think I got for Christmas when I was 20 that I have worn the snot out of and has holes in numerous places to include the knee, complete with Muck Boots, which probably has manure on them.  The outfit would not be complete if I didn't have one pantleg tucked IN the boot.

Don't know what I've got my nose up in the air for.  Sun must be in my eyes.  I've never been much of a modeler.

This is about what I wear every day.  It's damn near surprising I don't have a couple pieces of hay sticking out of my outfit in random places because hay always completes the look of living in the boondocks and working out in the yard tending to the livestock.  Today I raked the front area of the millions of pine needles that gets dropped every year from our trees and makes me contemplate how nice it would be if there were NO trees anywhere to be found on our property.  But then I say, no, I like the trees, they provide shade and wind blockage, and then I keep raking. 

But Damn, they are called Evergreens, aren't they?  Aren't they supposed to keep their ever greenness, not shed them all over the place? 

So basically, my style says practical, and I don't give a flying rat's behind if I mess this up by getting something on it.  Because dealing with moldy hay, riding horses and driving riding lawn mowers while doing spring cleaning in the front yard screams for a chance to show off my pizazz.  Hah!  Like I ever had any.


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Sigivald said...


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Andrew C said...

Looking good, Farmer K!

(and thank you for sharing - it shows you really care!)