A Year Ago Today

Well, now that I think about it, a year ago today I wasn't posting a lot on my life, because I had a lot going on.  But a year ago today I was in the City of Sin, Las Vegas, enjoying Red Rock Rendezvous with my then boyfriend where afterwards we stayed in the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino and walked the strip and went sight seeing all of the crazy sites of Vegas.  It was a fun time, and definitely blog worthy, but life was just really crazy and blogging really wasn't a priority for me.

I thought it would be a good time to reflect on what really happened, as though guys don't really put much sentiment into dates, apparently girls do, and March 22, 2010 was an important date for me. 

It was kind of funny actually, we had been planning on going to this Climbing Conference for a couple of months (we were hoping to go back this year) and had an absolute blast.  We had only been officially dating for a little over a month, but had been hanging out for longer then that.  So anyway, we decided to head to Vegas for the weekend plus a few extra days, enjoy the sites and each others company, and let me tell you, Vegas is the same damn thing over and over again.  We did the roller coasters, and the casinos, and the slots, and the casinos, and the more casinos, and what, this one has a Mideivel theme?  That one over there is french?  Wait, they all have the same freakin' slots and games! 

That got old after a while, in truth, I liked the old strip better, it has more character.

Visiting the old strip, the new strip, and the wedding strip, well, we're in Vegas, what else would a couple who people back home would speculate might elope do but pose in front of the Little White Wedding Chapel?
Reactions back home when we posted this gem on facebook?  Hilarity abounded, but my mother was skeptical.  Her reply 'Yah, right.'  I think at the ripe old age of 29 and avoidance of the dating issue had most people believing that, me?  Getting married?  Ain't going to happen, way to stubborn, independent, and stuck in my ways to give my life to another person.  Right?  RIGHT???

Well, I had to do homework holed up in our hotel room and he left to do whatever it was he wanted to do, and afterwards we decided to have dinner.  He made reservations for dinner at the top of the Stratosphere.  That should have been a clue, but I was all thinking, 'ok, guess you live once.  Are you sure we can afford dinner where you pay by the portion?  Ouch!'

Could somebody knock some sense into my head that we might have been setting a mood?  And for dinner at a nice restaraunt, we probably could have dressed a little nicer for the occasion, but being the people we are, what you see is what you get with us both.  Before desert, he looked at me with that twinkle in his eye.  "well, now for the reason why I brought you all the way up here."

My first thought was 'duh, why didn't I figure this out sooner?  Am I really that oblivious?'  My words were, of course, 'You're proposing, aren't you?'

He just smiled at me and then brought out the ring, which was a little heart felt nicknack he had made while I was doing homework.  I had told him before, don't get me a ring unless it means something special (ie, he got the diamond himself, it's a family heirloom, etc), and going to DeBeres and buying a ring for three months worth of pay is to me a serious waste of money, especially since I will likely never wear a diamond due to the fact that I'm a chronic loser of Jewelry.  The ring he gave me had a little heart etched out between a G and a K, and I loved it.  it's sweet, simple, practical and totally fits our relationship. 

"So, will you marry me?"

The next question out of my mouth was, "you know what you're getting yourself into, right?"

Apparently he knew, well, I hope he knew what he was getting himself into, because I said yes.

So a year ago today, Gus transitioned from being my boyfriend to being my fiance.  In a whirlwind rush of things, barely a month later we tied the knot.  I kind of knew if I got married, things would go quickly.  I'm not a girly girl, and planning a wedding is not my forte.  Good thing I have the family I do, because I don't think I would have survived if I hadn't, and I don't know if Gus would have stuck around if we took any longer. 


Mike said...

You are very lucky, many people have no one, and never will.

I wish you the best of luck in your married kife.

Andrew C said...

Sounds like a lot fun. May you continue to have many happy years together.

(btw - is he really tall or are you that short? :-) )

Suz said...

Love it Kami! It's so you. :)

Sigivald said...


(And, yes, Fremont is a lot better than the Strip, unless you're after shopping or Extravagance For Its Own Sake.

I mean, sure, the shops at the Venetian? Brilliant. But, ugh.)

Kam said...

I totally love you Kami! That is a great story! Wow! So much has happened the past year and a half! Congrats!!!! LOVE YOU!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your story Kami. Blessings to you and Gus.