Back To School!

I've got about a year where the army says other then my weekend drill, they aren't doing anything with me. Of course. I did have a plan to go to some kind of Annual Training, but that got nixed on account of the whole pregnancy thing, and by extension, me being on a temporary profile, and temporary profiles are the scourge of Army Reservists.

Thinking of other things to do, so it set me to plan B. Finding a job. Well, finding something that I can do from home. I've kind of got this photography thing going, or at least trying to in an oversaturated market for photographers, and I really don't see that as a stable source of income (though I'll likely keep doing it just for fun, and the added bonus of having something come in) and with gas prices and el Pregnento issue, well, I'm not really feeling the whole going back to work a retail gig. And then there was that fiasco the other day with considering an online business, but I'm not digging that specific route, though this is probably the way I'll eventually go so I can stay at home and tend to the kidling for their first couple years of life at least. Unless I get deployed, though I wouldn't mind the money, but I'm trying to avoid that at the moment due to my priority being the munchkin.

Which brings me to plan c, which hopefully will eventually go back to Plan B. Getting myself the skills necessary to get a decent job. That means going back to school.

In a perfect world, I would do the full time gig of going to an actual campus. This is not a perfect world, so I'm going to try the online thing, again. Love it. Ever since I got my AA from the community college oh so many years ago, I've been flirting from one college to another trying to figure out what I want to do when I grow up, which I apparently still haven't done. My attempt to get some more education since my AA has also not been the most straightforward, and at times has gotten expensive. You can blame that on me and my indecisiveness. I've gone a variety of online routes, an attempt to get a computer animator degree when I realized this was a pipe dream and in no way marketable, I decided to go a different direction. Last year I started thinking about getting a health science degree, I can't even remember the full term which tells you how well I stuck with it. I wasn't impressed with the offerings of that particular college, and during this last drill, a mandatory fun day with the unit, they had another college there. I still have tuition assistance, so i decided, hey, why not? They looked like they had some interesting offerings.

Now the question is, what exactly do I want to get my degree in? I keep leaning on education, though I don't know if I could teach a lot of young kids without wanting to blow my brains out at the end of the day. I can take kids in small doses (and I'm going to have my own, which will ALWAYS be there, this does freak me out) but I'm looking at other alternatives, such as a business degree, they have one for eMarketing and Entrepreneurship (don't laugh if I misspelled that) which would assist in my desire to work from the home with a home based business (my ultimate goal) but also looking at other options in case that doesn't pan out and I'm forced to go into working outside the home to help support the family. That might be a possibility so I'm willing to accept it if necessary. We're just trying to avoid day care if at all possible, I don't want to work to afford day care, you know? No thank you. Besides, I'd rather not have other people raising my kids. They'll get plenty of that in public school as it is (which I'm dreading).

Of course, there is always Healthcare. Definitely something I'm leaning towards, as there will always be a demand for healthcare.

But really, the question is what exactly do I want to do? Mostly I got to get something that can keep my scatterbrained attention span and interest so I don't feel like I'll get partway into this degree and change my mind like I'm apparently prone to doing. So, question is, what now?

Well, as long as the Army is paying, might as well get a degree. If nothing else, it's nice to have a Bachelor's when I go after a Job on the economy, if nothing else, it can make me more marketable at least.

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