Starting to feel like I'm getting productive again, though I have a lot of projects around the house that I want to get done. If I get to them or not, who knows? My goal is to have a lot of them done by a week from Tuesday.

1) Garden:
I have a garden, supposedly. It's mostly just dirt and weeds right now, and it is a project that I am constantly wanting to work on. Unfortunately, this has been one heck of a year in coming to terms with the seasons, spring lasted all of a couple of weeks as we had snowfall into May. I never got around to planting the dang thing, (I also blame pregnancy) so this will likely be a trial year with it. I think I'm going to do more research next year, on top of all the critters in my area that will likely plague it. Mainly, deer, birds and the horses when they get out.

We planted strawberries and raspberries as well, all but two raspberry bushes died, the strawberries appear to be holding on but not growing.

2) Chicken Coop:
I bought 12 baby chicks and had three hens (two got picked off so I'm now down to one) and I got the chicks, now Pullets, in the chicken tractor. it is not made for 12 chickens, so I need to get a coop for them, as well as an area set aside for them to peck and dig away at. We got the area we want for them, now we need to fence it off and get a hen house for them. I found one on craigslist, i just need to get it home, it's an old coop that is nothing special, but I don't need anything fancy.

3) CDs:
I got a gob of CDs from my time working at hastings and getting them on discount. Now I want to burn them all to my hard drive and sell them back to Hastings for cash or credit, still debating on what I would rather have (get more for credit). I will hang on to a couple that I can listen to at any given moment of course, like Alanis Morissette's Jagged Little Pill and a few staple CDs like that, but this is an ongoing task.

4) Pictures:
Getting ready for a reunion at the end of July with the Ericksons, and I've been tasked with the slide show. Which means going back into the archives of time and putting all of these hard copies of pics into Digital means so we can share. Doesn't THAT sound like fun?

5) Baby Area:
We got to figure out which extra bedroom gets to go to the kidling. We got two extra bedrooms, both of which are in use right now, and the dilemma of having to much junk. Good thing the squirt will be squirt sized for a while and we have time on this one.

6) Yard Sale!:
We're having a yard sale this weekend, weather permitting. I just need to go through my treasure trove of junk and get rid of a bunch of it. Or find a home for it on the walls or what not.

7) Studio:
I have a room, designated as a space that Gus has allowed me to have for my art and other means, that needs to be organized. Desperately. Right now it is a chaotic mess and always has been. This would go in hand with up above. I have a strong desire to get organized in my life, with little to no motivation to making it happen.

Those are some of the current projects I have lined up, now the question is, will they ever happen or am I just fooling myself? Did Gus have any idea what he was getting himself into when he asked me to marry him? I don't think he really did :P

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Meredith said...

oh yes, my to do list is growing and growing lately. and my garden is at the top too;)