Catching Up on Life

Wow, so much going on, yet so little motivation to write about it. 

What can i say?  I'm still pregnant, and being pregnant makes me not want to write about things that gets my blood boiling, because I want munchkin to be happy and healthy and I don't want to send negative vibes her way, so I try to think positive things. 

Meaning political blogging is definitely out.  Nothing quite like opining on current events to get my heart racing and blood going. 

In regards to life, well, I've been busy going every which direction these days, at the end of June, the husband and I did a little babymooning before the baby came and headed to Hawaii!  I've never been and I had a great time, though the way we did it didn't leave a lot to be desired in regards to "private" time between the two of us.  But we definitely had a lot of fun, staying on Oahu and the Big Island and seeing my cousin Shevaun and borrowing a Volkswagon Camper Van from Gus' Uncle (note, if you ever want a unique and fun way to visit the Big Island, I recommend checking out Happy Campers and renting a van from them, you get your hotel and rental car taken care of in one shot!)

I think I need to actually make a post just about our time in Hawaii, where before we left I wasn't really showing and while we were there my belly just popped out of nowhere (where did THAT come from?)  Now it's undeniable that I'm pregnant.  No hiding the kidling's pending coming into this world now!

Though there was a lot of things I have always wanted to try if I ever made it to Hawaii that I couldn't do, darn it, on account of having a baby in utero, I guess I'll have to find a way to do it later.  Like surfing.  But Gus tells me surfing is over rated, five seconds of fun, he's more of the kite surfing type, because it's pure adrenaline rush as long as you got wind in your kite. 

Meanwhile, came back to the mainland and found out the day after what we were having.  A girl, which i have actually dreamed about more then once.  I kind of started suspecting I was having a girl, and everyone is threatening me with a girly girl that we won't know what to do with.  Well, if she's girly, that's fine, she just better be able to hang in there because our little family isn't exactly into docile and dainty activities.  Especially with Gus as a father, he's an adrenaline junky.  My mom said his face flushed when it became obvious on the ultrasound that it was a girl, but I have a feeling she's going to steal his heart.  Little girls are known to do that with dads. 

In other knews of interest, I had a rodeo, a reunion and a four day drill weekend that could all stand to use their own posts, except the drill weekend probably won't because if you haven't noticed I don't really post about military matters anymore because they are more of a headache then they are worth.  It has gotten me wondering about my military career or lack thereof, especially with the bean sprout entering the picture and we being dual military.  I already know Gus deploys enough as it is, and I'm of the old fashioned mind that I would rather be home with the baby rather then both of us off in some foreign land paying somebody child support to watch our offspring.  That is a very real possibility, so we just have to figure out a way to make it work. 

So anyway, where was I?  Hmm, future potential topics to blog about.  Whether I do or not is up to how motivated I am to actually blog.

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Sounds like fun! 


Andrew C said...

I glad to hear things are going well. May they continue to do so.

Don't worry about Gus with a girl. He'll do great.

My brother-in-law (type A Marine infantry) has three girls and loves them all. Of course, they'll never date...

Pogue said...

Good to hear the update... Hey, Mommy blogging is OK with me.

Marnie said...

hooray for hippie mommy blogs. I wish we could get away and come see you guys this summer. I am thinking about it still.

Kevin said...

My first was a girl. Had the same "what am I supposed to do with THAT?" reaction. Turns out that conventional wisdom is correct; little girls are absolutely precious. After they hit 12 or 13, you want boys. It all works out eventually.