2011 - quick rundown by month

I know a few people who do this.  I thought I would start doing it as well.  Here is a rundown of my month to month activities, the highlights and main events.


P90X going strong, trained for UPL with the Military that sent me to Texas for a weekend.  Got attacked by a feral cat and had to get rabies shots.  A couple of weeks of trying to trap cat with no dice.  Cat still at large.  Briefly go back to work at the air port cleaning airplanes.  Husband surprises me with tickets to Hawaii for our one year anniversary.  Snowmobiling!


Continuing series of Rabies shots.  Husband leaves for the first time for a week.  Finish working at the airport and put in my two weeks notice for good.  Decide to see if I can make it work as a photographer and work on my portfolio.  More Snowmobiling!


Go train to be a Unit Computer Tech in Vancouver, WA for a weekend, spend some time with my Aunt Renee.  Get my first suspicions I am pregnant while there.  Come home, take a pregnancy test, have it confirmed at the hospital.  Because of miscarriage, don't tell anyone about it except for husband.  Get in to see Midwife right away.  No longer snowmobiling, brother figures out I'm pregnant.  A few horse friends figure it out too.


Find out last minute that Husband has to go to Military school during the week we are to be in Hawaii, trip gets delayed.  Wait until week 8 to inform the family of pregnancy.  Learn that cat naps are a beautiful thing, also experience Morning Sickness.  Find baby chicks at Big R and bring home six.  Two weeks later, bring home six more.  Spend the next six weeks away from hubby.  Not happy about it but deal.


Lots of sleep.  Trouble finding things to eat.  Pregnancy continues.  Make the Facebook announcement at 12 weeks along.  feel the baby kick at insanely early.  Husband returns from school at end of month and heads out of town promptly thereafter for work.


Husband returns from out of Town, we got to HAWAII!!!  See my cousin on Oahu and then head over to the big island where I meet his extended family.  Tour the big island by Camper Van.  Awesome time!


Fourth of July in Hilo HI.  Come home and find out we're having a girl!  Husband leaves again.  Balderdash.  Cheney Rodeo, lot's of fun!  Family reunion in Seaside OR where Husband shows off his impressive wind surfing skills.


Helena MT for the Army, I still fit in my ACUs?  Start Hypnobirthing classes.  Start school, since I have nothing better to do.  good friend gets married, Husband best man


Impromptu maternity session.  Husband in and out.  Bleh. 


Baby Shower!. . . get's promptly canceled when I find myself having preterm labor.  figure baby's arrival is imminant.  Aunt comes and visits.  Halloween is lackluster this year, I dress up as a pregnant girl.


Impatince is the story of my life first half of month.  Fed up with Roosters beating up my hens and butcher them.  Baby comes at exactly 40 weeks, right on schedule.  Healthy and beautiful.  Try to go to Portland for Thanksgiving, can't make it.  Decorate for the holidays.  Spend rest of month at home recooperating with baby.  Husband has time off.  I get pampered.  Life is good.


Holidays are approaching, difficulty shopping for christmas on account of newborn.  Christmas low key.  I feel better.  New Years at Wolf's Lodge with the family.

Maybe next year i'll go into greater detail, complete with pics, but that just about does it.  I guess with a baby, life is just a little more busy for me right now.  :)

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