Resolutions 2011/2012 edition

This year started with all sorts of hopes and goals, I started with 15 resolutions. Turns out one trumped the rest. How did I do for 2011?

Well, the first four are related.

1. Run Bloomsday at close to an hour - I didn't even run bloomsday.

2. Leadman - A triathlon that is ski/bike/run.  Was tempted to try, glad I didn't. 

3. Pattern Racing - You take a horse and do various gaming events on them.  I have the horse, but other obstacles were in my way.

4. Trail Challenge, Ride and Ties - Another horse related set of events. 

5. Concealed Weapons Permit - Really no excuse, but I think I will have this one written down so I don't forget.  I really need to get this knocked out.

6. Motorcycle License - It will be some time before I get this task done.  I still want to do it.

7. Finish P90X - We made it to week 6.  Then a couple of events happened that put us on hiatus and then ultimately quitting. 

8. Go Canyoneering - We were planning a trip to Southern Utah, this sounds like a lot of fun.  But alas, just didn't happen.

9. Start writing a children's book - have an idea, but it just didn't materialize.  Maybe one day I'll sit down and do it. 

10. Employment - This is amber, because it wasn't a true job.  I worked my graveyard shift for a couple more weeks and than ultimately quit.  I also put my camera to work, though only a handful of jobs.  I didn't actively pursue my photography, but I really would like too.  I do need to look for an actual, steady job.  Still have the army reserves, though that didn't pan out like it usually does.

11. Learn to cook at least one new meal every month, if not every week - I actually was able to learn a few meals this year, but it wasn't as frequent as I would like.  I kept going back to old stand bys. 

12. 24 hour comic - Do 24 comics in 24 hours, from start to finish.  I don't think it will ever happen.  If I do it, I do it.  I'm just not going to do it any time soon.  No use putting it up as a resolution.

13. Get back into painting - I got the paints out, planned a painting, and put paint to canvas.  I then gessoed over what I did because it was awful.  I at least got into my paints.  Maybe I'll do better next year?

14. Organize my studio space - This is a constant work in progress, but it is further along now than it was last year. 

15. Get Pregnant - To explain last year's resolution, let's just write down what I wrote last year.  "Depending on when this happens, this might but make a lot of my other resolutions go red."  Indeed it did.  I got pregnant within two months of writing this list and everything about went red.  But it was worth it.  I got an adorable little munchkin to show for it.

This year will undoubtedly be different from years previous because of my munchkin, and it will actually be more typical of the traditional new years resolutions.  I am realizing I'm older, I'm married, and now I have a child.  Everything changes.  My resolutions are going to be a little more responsible and oriented toward my family then before.

1. Regularly attend church - over the last decade, I've been a bit of a heathen in regards to this task.  The thing is, I feel better about myself when i go regularly, and I can totally use the networking and support it provides especially when my husband deploys and leaves me to myself.  Fortunately i do have my family, but friends are good too, and it's a firm foundation of morals and values I want to raise my daughter in.  I'm off to a good start so far.

2. Get back into shape - Yes, the infamous and infernal 'exercise' resolution that everyone puts on their list and nobody accomplishes.  Well, baby is out of the oven, I did fairly well with my pregnancy but I definitely have some toning to do.  Plus, Army mandates it, and i'll feel better about myself. 

2.5 Pass PT test first time out - I have to take a diagnostic PT test six months after giving birth.  I want to smoke that thing.

3. Run at least 5 races - Bloomsday, mud races, 5ks, half marathons, triathlons, whatever.  This year I want to get into running.  I'm using my sister and my sister in law for motivation.  I just want to get into running. 

4. Horse Events - This is pattern racing, trail challenges and the like.  I'm going to try these with Breezy this year, if munchkin allows.  I will most likely have to have either a baby sitter or somebody to assist in my endeavours.

5. Meal Planning - I actually tried couponing this year.  It ended in an abysmal failure, that and it's just quite time consuming.  I've decided to change gears, and it's just healthier in the long run, and saves money when you don't buy stuff that goes bad because you don't use it.  That's the goal at least.  And it goes with resolution 11 from last year. 

6.  Breast feed at least 6 months - that gives me until May.  I want to shoot for as long as I can, but going for 6 months minimum. 

7. Agility Training with Scooby - this dog was born to do Agility events.  I want to do them with her.  There is a local dog circuit in town that teaches agility training and allows owners and their dogs to compete.  I don't intend on doing it for anything more than for fun, but I would like to learn how to do it and teach her how to do it. 

8. Get a job that coincides with staying home with Baby - I don't want to pay a baby sitter to take care of my baby.  It doesn't have to be anything grand, making six figures a year or anything like that.  Just a little extra to supplement our income while I take care of infant.  likely a telecommuter job.

9. Get an A in classes while sticking with school - I feel I'm pretty close to getting my Bachelors for once.  Army is paying for it.  Why not?  I go to school online, so I hope I can keep up with it and a baby.  So far so good! 

10. Work on baby Number 2 - By years end, I hope to be pregnant again.  We want two kids, and we want them close in age.  Hope it doesn't happen before September, as that's when we'll start working on it.  If it doesn't happen this year, hopefully it will happen early next year.

That sounds like a good list of resolutions for me to work on.  Here's looking at a fabulous 2012!


Ulvegaard said...

Wow... I don't ever write down resolutions. People who do amaze me. Looks like a good list... I think I might have to make one too, hang it somewhere where it wont get lost.
Way to go!

Jennifer said...

Question: are you in the guard/reserves or active duty? I was active duty while pregnant, I made it maybe half-way through the postpartum pt program, I only passed my pushups and situps, not the run still. I switched to reserves and they gave me a record PT test which I failed the run by like 12 seconds (obviously). But I'm still under a year postpartum. Do you know how long in the reserves you have to pass a pt test after having a baby? You mention you're taking a diagnostic in 6 months and someone that's guard told me you have a year to pass. I'll pass by next month no problem and I still won't be at a year. Just frustrating if I wasn't supposed to have a record APFT yet.

Risawn said...

Wow, I'm neglectful with this thing!

I'm a reservist, from what I see, i have to take a PT test six months after having baby and pass it within a year of her birth. The six month one is more of a diagnostic and can't be held against you for promotion or what not, but I know I have to pass my PT test before they let me go back to school. I think that's the kicker there.