Off My Chest

Well, back from Seattle. Got a couple of things checked off my list, however must admit that I'm getting a little frustrated by some things. I actually loved Seattle, but loved in the same way that I love San Francisco. It's a cool city to visit from time to time, but never in a million years would I actually want to exist there on a continual basis.

I also learned that I am incompatable with some people. Which is kind of odd to say that now after I've known this specific person for over four years.

I also noted that somebody actually commented on one of my entries below, and I'm fearful of reading the comment on account that my BiPolar was speaking the day I posted that and I haven't had an opportunity of sending that particular post into the nonexistence of the anti archive.

edit - i broke down and read it anyway. It's just Bob. How you doing, Bob?

I did create a blog for my political outpouring, by the way, so I would stop stooping into my promise to not post anything political and posting political thoughts here that could be potentially offensive.

No, you don't get a URL, because the point of me posting there is its anonymous. And I doubt it will ever be anything big.

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