YNP : Days Off

I guess I have come to appreciate my days off while I'm here in Yellowstone. Namely because it is the one time I actually get to see parts of Yellowstone that do not involve Tower Roosevelt area.

Hey, I still love my job, but even I need to get a break from the horses sometime.

But not all of the horses. There's still Rawhide. I love hanging out with him. Mostly because he's the closest thing I have to my own horse right now, and until the summer is over, he's almost mine.

We have the option as wranglers to take our horses out on rides during our days off, as long as we didn't work them to hard while we worked, as our horses also need their days of rest as well. Behind Roosevelt Corrals, via the two hour trail ride we have this great trail that goes off toward Tower Falls. So far its the only off day trail I've taken on horseback, but the view is spectacular.

My stupid camera is dying. I think I'll be buying another camera here shortly.

This was the first off day ride I took, where shortly thereafter my stupid camera back came flying open and I lost one of my digital camera rechargeable batteries. Grr. . .

My camera is kind of stupid. Now it won't decide whether or not it'll turn on.

Still, the scenery from horseback is spectacular.

I went on my second trail ride today, the same basic trail I took the first time, and got another picture of me on rawhide that looks a little like the one before.

There's this great ledge where you can get a spectacular scenery, granted unless your horse slips off the edge. I haven't gotten one of those yet.

One of the mild trail rides. I need to fix my camera now, or at the very least get it some decent rechargeable batteries.

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