YNP : Wrangler Riding

Being a wrangler, I have some special incentives here at Yellowstone.

Specifically, the whole being paid to ride horses is a pretty sweet deal. And as a wrangler, I have a horse that is sort of signed to me (though that is susceptable to change)

Meet Rawhide.

Everytime I ride Rawhide, I want to start singing "rollin' rollin' rollin'" and often times I do.

Whatever the case, Rawhide is my horse for the summer. He got this weekend off due to the fact that I decided to go to a rodeo and climb Mt Washburn on my days off as opposed to ride, but I do have the option of taking him out on my days off as well. And he's a good little horse, he fits me pretty good, being not very tall which helps me when I have to get back on him really quick.

He is a little headshy with his left ear, but overall, he's easy to catch, and he's got a pretty mellow temperment. Though he is known to kick if another wrangler horse runs up on him.

Before we opened operations, all the wranglers took our horses out and we got to test out our skills (and to prove that we could actually ride.)

This one ride was the funnest I have ever had on the back of a horse.

We took these horses on a two hour trail ride through the backcountry of Yellowstone along the Yellowstone River into some of the prettiest country on earth. As it was all said and done, well, we got back on the dudes and worked them out a bit more, but in the meantime, we bonded with our horses, a couple of people fell off the backs of theirs (one specifically on purpose) and we all just had a great time.

There will be an end of the season trail ride as well, all the wranglers will take their horses out for the entire day. I should be there for it, and I can't wait.

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