YNP : The Horses

Well, its been quite a week here. We got on the ground moving and one of the first things I learned how to do was harness a draft horse. Draft horses are a lot of fun, they are usually pretty mellow and will just chill while your working around them. They are actually usually pretty easy to catch as well.

But when you're 5'3" tall, sometimes harnessing them can pose a problem. I don't have any pictures of me trying to heave a harness on the back of a percheron, but I do have a picture of one of my friends attempting too put one on Skip.

We're about the same height, so you can see the task we have before us.

Meanwhile, here is a snap of me as I was getting Moe, a Shire, harnessed.

I don't have a lot of pictures just yet, as we're busy learning about how to do this, and I'll be doing it all summer, I'm sure I'll get plenty of Kodak moments ahead.

Meanwhile, here's a shot of me with one of the Belgians, Squirt, Edit: Turbo, damn it this is Turbo! Not Squirt!

Squirt is a bit headshy, so you have to watch his big floppy ears, but otherwise, he's rather mellow like most of the other drafts.

this is Shorty and Squirt Turbo and Stan hitched to a wagon, which we use to take guests of the park to an old country cook out. The only way to get to this cookout is by horseback or on a wagon, no cars are taken out out there. I learned how to drive these guys. I got to drive a team of percherons named Tango and Cash twice. You have to keep them in check so if you're not used to driving a team of draft horses (like I'm not) you'll find that your hands get a little achy from holding the lines.

By the end of this summer, I'm going to be in great shape.

Meanwhile, now the Dude horses are in. We spent all day yesterday and today riding them.

I'm very sore, but having a ton of fun riding these guys. So far I rode four dude horses; Gotch, Rosco, Eric and Ringo; and got to be a wrangler riding a beautiful Bucksin named Rail Road, who's currently a bit out of shape. So we made good company.

I mentioned I'm not the greatest horseman out here. These trails rides sortof confirmed it, I've never been formally trained on riding a horse, so I'm guessing by the end of this summer, I'll be a regular pro.

A line of Dudes. I'll have more written about them next time I find internet access.

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