All the Little Fishies

Status on fishes. . .

Tiger and Marlin have joined the ranks of Pedro, Mario, Fettacini and Nemo in that sewer in the sky.

Fortunately, status on my next residence has opened up to pretty soon (like in the next couple of days) I can start moving in. I'm thinking of getting a freshwater aquarium, which I haven't had in a few years. I used to have a Jack Dempsey Cichlid I named Dempsey (I originally had a second I dubbed Jack, but eventually Dempsey killed him) that would eat anything that entered its tank. Which meant I had a lot of dead fish whenever I tried to make an actual aquarium. I had Dempsey for a couple of years, he'd eat frogs, milworms, and grasshoppers, not to mention other fish. He'd also nibble on your fingers if you put them in there, quite a personality for a fish. However, plantlife didn't survive for long. So for a thing of beauty, it was something of an eyesore.

With any luck, my last two gold fish, Link and Captain Falcon will last a few more months and I can be reassured that if I do put some money into an aquarium, I'm not going to get a bunch of dead fish within a couple of weeks.

I'll give Link and Captain Falcon a couple weeks to survive. Then I'll see about getting a freshwater aquarium.

Meanwhile, Clark's pretty chipper, if the gold fish don't make it, maybe I'll still have my Betta.

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