Terror Plots and Current Events

Earlier this year, I had a premonition that something big was going to happen this summer. It was one reason why I felt that maybe Yellowstone wasn't such a great idea after all. But it was just this dread hanging over me, I didn't want to sound like some paranoid psycho so I really didn't say a whole lot at the time.

However, on top of all the latest stuff going on in the world, well, I've been watching Glenn Beck, which is apparently another source of disillusionment *well, he is pretty frickin' funny!* But there is a point to be held in regards to all this info about terrorists planning to hijack airplanes to the US from Britain (in case you have been in a cave or working in Yellowstone, at which time I was getting little to no news about issues going on in the world). This is just a little speck in the whole picture, there is something bigger out there.

If you look at this from a religious standpoint, is this really the end of the world? Are we approaching World War III? Will I ever get the chance to see Australia? Is this revelations come to pass?

Also, Fettacini and Nemo died. That brings the Gold Fish Count down to Four. I wonder if I could make this into some kind of doomsday prediction?

Either that, or I should listen to more REM.

In the meantime, unless its a presidential election year, my blog doesn't hold a lot in regards to current issues unless I'm right in the middle of it.

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