Celebrity Look Alikes ???

Easy Amusement. . .

Just for fun, I decided to try this out and see what kind of hits I could get. However, I found it was very hard to find a picture of myself looking at the camera dead on.

So we decided to do several pictures and see what I could come up with.

All I can say is 'huh?' My number one match is a guy?

So I ran it again. . .

I have heard Reese Witherspoon (about a million times) as well as Christina Ricci once or twice. I've never gotten Katie Holmes before, but I think that has something to do with the angle of my head matching hers.

Hmm, for kicks and giggles, should I do it again?

Aahh! That picture is scary! Like, all the hits are guys!

Ok, I'm addicted. . . Just a couple more. . .

All famous child actresses . . and then. . . Benny Hill???

Ok, you can't get much more straightforward then a DA photo for the US army and I get. . . Tom Welling??? Ok, I'm done. . .

(I also got Ernest Hemingway on that last round, lot's of fun, of course I'm thinking this website is old news)

Ok, now I'm really done (did mention this was addictive, right?)

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