Fish Names

Having 9 nieces and nephews that come through the house on a regular basis can be hazardous to a fish's health. Especially when they all want to take a turn feeding him. On the same day. And don't bother to ask you if they can.

Pedro lasted just under two weeks, and then I gave him a small eulogy for being with us before sending him to the sewer in the sky.

I went out and bought another fish as soon as I discovered Pedro to be dead. He's got similar coloring, but a little more red. I named him Clark.

Yes, Pedro and Clark are weird names for Betta Fish. Actually, they are both named after horses from Roosevelt in Yellowstone. Pedro was this bay paint with only a couple paint markings. Every time we handed Pedro to the lucky person who got to ride him, we would start quoting Napoleon Dynamite. Clark was the oldest horse in the operation. He had been at Roosevelt since 1985, and hence he's probably close to 30 years old. Another interesting fact about Clark is he's a Mustang, in fact he used to be a wild Mustang and still has the government brand on his neck. In his day it took a talented wrangler to handle that horse. Nowadays, being old and all, he suffers from arthritus and we had to put kids on him. He was the brokest horse in the operation. He's tall too, tall for a kids horse.

Clark and Pedro stuck with me for some reason, Pedro for no reason other then his name, and but Clark had a history behind him. When I first got Pedro the fish, I decided to name him after one of the dude horses at Roosevelt, and it was a choice between Pedro and Clark. I guess its because, well, who names a horse Pedro or Clark? Pedro won out for Fish #1. Fish #2, however, well, I guess he's clark now.

I kind of got on a fish frenzy and decided to buy some Gold Fish as well. The little feeder gold fish that is, because they are so cheap, like 10cents a fish. I went ahead and purchased a fish bowl for them and got five. As I brought them home and dumped them in their new home, I let my nieces and nephews have a look at them, and then I offered them the opportunity to name them.

Kelsey found the most colorful one and named it Nemo. Cody latched onto a Silver one and called it The Silver One. Later I think he settled on the name Fettacini. Brian, fresh off of playing Super Smash Brothers Melee, took the honor of naming the remaining three Mario, Captain Falcon and Link.

Mario died, so when I bought Clark, I bought two more gold fish (as well as some tank accessories to brighten their homes up a bit) Kelsey came with me, helped me choose Clark, and then I let her pick out the two new gold fish. They are now Marlin and Tiger.

So currently, I have seven pet fish. Six Gold Fish and One Betta Fish. Funny how you stare at fish and you can just watch them.

But now come to think about it, Fish are actually not all that interesting. . .

Hmm. . .

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