Demon Spiders

I picked up the cold, a couple days ago I tried to go to work with it and I had both a cough and a sneeze. Plus the runny nose, the whole thing and as the day progressed, I realized I just wanted to go home and sleep the thing off. I told my coworkers I was sure I had Asian Bird Flu or something, because I haven't had these kinds of symptoms for a long time. They looked at me weird.

A friend of mine posted a picture of a huge spider that came from China in a warehouse box and she mentioned how she can't stand to look at it but wanted to get more information on it. I have a little entomology background on account that I used to be Preventive Medicine and I thought I would take a look at it for her.

I'm tempted to say its Lycosidae, which is a wolf spider, but I can't confirm this because all I have to go by is this picture and a few descriptions she has given. Apparently, its about the size of a fist, though I'm not sure if that includes the legs or not. However, when you do Taxonomy on arthopods, you tend to need a little more information to confirm this. Like, what kind of web does it weave, or does it even weave a web? What does its eyes look like? Can we get a better view of the pattern on its thorax and abdomen?

Entomology was one of my favorite subjects within my job as Preventive Medicine, I loved it. Unfortunately, it was one of the areas that tended to be contracted out to the civilians.

I do know a couple Entomologists, I was thinking of passing the spider along to them to see what they could find out, however I'm sure they would need more information then what is provided here too.

She thinks its disgusting. I think its kind of cool. But then that's just me.

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