Just FYI - Grindhouse totally rocked my world!

I don't know if its just the style of movie, the fact that it was a Tarantino/Rodriguez collaboration, or the fact that they have a chick with a machine gun for a leg, but this movie(s) flat out rocked!

Planet Terror was a perfect mix of humor, action and zombies! Gotta love zombie movies! Where as the second picture was a different pacing, they fit together becuase they both had the same kind of feel to it, a throwback to the grindhouse picture of the seventies, complete with typos and conveniantly missing reels. And some interesting fake trailers, like Werewolf Women of the SS, or something bizarre like that.

Some people didn't seem to like Death Proof, as it is heavy in dialog and slow at times, but for some reason, I liked it, even with all the dialog. There is one scene where there are four girls just sitting in a restaurant having a conversation that feels completely natural, and it never cuts the entire time, which I noticed.

So I liked it. But not recommended for kids, or parents for that matter.

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