Hair Blogging - It's about that time again

I've made up my mind that I need to do my hair every three to six months. Its been a year since I colored it and it was starting to show a need for a trim, and some color, or something.

Ever since I've hacked my hair off at the beginning of 2005, I've decided I'll never wear it short again (mostly because though I like it short, I HATE that growing out phase, fortunately I did it through a deployment instead of in the real world where I actually give some care to how I look) but it was getting to a long and hacked up phase where it was stringy and it, well, DESPERATELy needed a trim.

So I drove up to the sister's place and asked her if she would color my hair. She was gracious enough to help me and of course, I decided to post the before and after pics for you.

Ignore the hideous cape thing I'm wearing, as this is just to protect my clothes. My hair hasn't been touched for about 13 months, and it was due for something. You can see my natural hair color and how much its grown since the last time I did anything with it. And to think, I actually TRIED to style it that day! It's just looking dead and needs to be freshened up, considerably.

Coloring consists of mainly just doing highlights, which works well with me. Though I've posted pictures of me in tinfoil before, it never ceases to crack me up. The things a girl will go through to get beautiful! Hah!

This could be the look of the future or something. Kind of have stringy hair just spilling out everywhere. This is time consuming, but the results always turn out well.

Color and a trim. It does wonders to anybody.

Of course, the only people who seem to notice are the ones who are related to me. But then, that's usually the ones who only notice when you do something like this anyway.

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