Love is a Tree. . .or something bizarre

Every so often I find enough time to come home with a movie from work and pop it into the DVD player and watch it. Just to keep current on new movies.

Frankly, I tend to like artsy films. I like movies that make you go 'whoa', most of the time.

Not to say I liked this movie, becuase I'm not sure that I did. Nor did I exactly hate it either. It was just one of those movies that left me scratching my head and wondering what exactly was going on.

See, the Fountain is an artsy movie, and maybe so artsy as to require you to drop acid before viewing it to actually understand what is going on. Because quite frankly, I didn't get it. It was very beautiful and very well done, if not but completely incoherent.

I think there was some play of metaphors, some symbolism between love and Hugh Jackman and The Tree of Life. But whatever the case, it didn't stop me from saying "you can't see a nebula that clearly with a telescope that small!" and other astronomical inaccuracies.

This might be a movie that requires two viewings to get. But I was quite content on seeing it the once and returning it promptly thereafter. To which I decided to get to further play with my confused state by renting The Science of Sleep.

I'll admit that this one does require a second viewing.

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