My Cause for the Week

So, a friend of mine rescues reptiles, however recently she acquired a sick cat.

It kind of looks like my neighbor's cat. Except we hate that cat.

The story behind this cat is rather sad however. Somebody starved it and threw it in a bag off to the side of a major highway in her town. She is in the process of rehabilitating it. More posted about the cat here

So anyway, being a rescue type person, she took the cat to the vet and yeah, its pretty sick. Another friend has agreed to adopt it, but in the meantime, it is wracking up some hefty vet bills.

The poor thing tugged at my sensitive animal loving heart strings. Although in conditions such as this I may have euthanized the animal (but then again, I will spend upwards to $600 trying to remove an earplug from the stomach of an overly curious ferret so. . .) I went ahead and forwarded her a few bucks to help with the costs.

In case you like cats, and your heartstrings are torn too, here's more information on helping out a sick cat.

It can be frustrating in regards to the sick world we live in sometimes. I saw a YouTube video of somebody torturing a ferret and it made me go snuggle Blaine and Abby.

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