Who Would You Hit in the Face?

We were working on a project at work last week that I worked every day. It sort of started to get redundent, doing the same thing for eight hours a day.

What got us through it was socializing, talking about all sorts of weird things. My mind would frequently wander, but all in all, it was good times.

One of the things we did was play games, and one of these games ecompassed a simple premise where we would expand further as to why.

That game? Who would you want to hit in the face?

It started off as Musicians, living or dead. Then it went to athletes. Eventually it came to actors and actresses.

I stated I wanted to hit Avril Lavigne for her new single 'Girlfriend'. Somebody mentioned Barbra Streisand, just to hit her nose. I'm game for striking her proboscus. Count me in.

Actually, I also mentioned Jennifer Lopez, but the others were thinking that might not be a good idea, since she's Peurto Rican or something (I don't know what she is, they're the ones who said it) and its common knowledge that apparently you would get your ass kicked for picking a fight with one of them. But I mentioned a few Divas in general need to be punched. But seeing as I'm pretty mum on the singer side (and I do like some of Avril's songs), I got more talkative when we got to Actors.

Rosie O'Donnell won the actress round, but I stated Alec Baldwin could use a solid strike. Actually, I think Lindsay Lohan needs to have some sense knocked into her. I actually will admit when she first came onto the scene in Parent Trap, I was impressed with her acting and I love the movie. But, well, since she became a skank, I'm a bit turned off to see her in any film these days.

Of course, there is always Micheal Moore. Actually, that guy needs to be shot. It would add to the irony.

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