Bush and Kosovo

Bush Recieves Heroes Welcome in Albania

I found this article to be rather interesting in regards to the update on Kosovo and Bush's stance on it. It doesn't surprise me that Albania greeted Bush with great enthusiasm, as Albanians love Americans, (There is a street named after Bill Clinton in Kosovo, and his image is plastered on a sky scraper in Pristina) and I wonder if he stopped by Camp Bondsteel and said hi to the troops (I'm sure they would appreciate the support as most people forget we are even still in Kosovo) but I found his stance interesting. Bush is taking a Pro Albanian stance on the issue that is Kosovo and declaring independence. To tell you the honest truth, that seems to be the best thing for the war torn international protectorate. Though the Albanian majority and Serbian minority need to learn to get along and live with each other.

I don't know how successful such arrangement will be, but it would be nice to see some resolution to this ongoing conflict.

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