Could You Do Time?

In light of the Paris Hilton and Jail talk, I have often thought about what it would be like to be in Jail, or worse even, Prison.

The thing is, Jail is not meant to be a fun time. Its meant to be uncomfortable and boring and a place you don't want to be, to encourage you to behave so you don't go back.

So Paris apparently can't handle three days in jail. Now the question I ask, could I?

Well, the thing is, I try to behave for the most part so I don't land in jail. For instance, I don't shoplift, I don't do drugs, I generally leave people alone if they bug me instead of assaulting them. And I also don't drink and drive. Heck, I don't even drink. In other words, I try to live my life as a model US citizen so I don't have to go to jail.

The thought has crossed my mind though, if something happened and I found myself in jail. An incident happened a few years ago where I saw a car stopped at an intersection and without really thinking about it, I swerved around it (on the right side, stupid of me) and as I passed I realized why the car was stopped. The driver was waving a girl across the intersection. Obviously the girl had seen me because she had waited, but if she hadn't seen me, I could have very well hit her. When I realized what was happening, and how I broke the law, I could have sworn my life flashed before my eyes as I realized how everything could have changed if that girl had been in that intersection, because I would have undoubtedly hit her. And because I was breaking the law, if something had happened to her, I would have undoubtedly served some time for it.

Something stupid and careless on my part, I'm glad she was paying attention, but I never forgot that.

So the question returns, could I serve time in jail without bursting into tears ala Paris Hilton? Well, I guess I might be a little emotional on account of it, but I think I could suck it up and serve if I had to. Without using some lame medical excuse to try to get out of it.

For one, well, I'm in the army. Being in the army is almost like doing time. Except you're armed.

Yeah, if I had to, I think I could survive a stint in jail.

But to be on the safe side, I really don't want to find out if I can, so I'll continue to try not to land myself in jail.

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