New Movie Out

So, a certain 'documentary' film maker released a new movie today, a movie that I will refuse to pay for to watch.

I'm sure he makes some good points in it, he does make a point or two in his previous forays. The thing about it is as far as I'm concerned, he has no credibility as a documentary film maker because he skews facts to mislead his viewers into seeing things the way he sees it. The fiasco with his latest film, in which he took rescue workers from 9/11 to Cuba to get medical treatment, backfired. What I find amusing was how he seemed to try to shift the blame of him doing somethign illegal to the fact that it was the government trying to shut his film up.

Well, apparently in Cuba's superior health care system, if you are a regular citizen, you have to provide your own soap and bedsheets. Hmm, sign me up now!

I also find the fact that this man decided that he needed to put a copy of his film in a safety deposit box outside of the country in his fear that the government would try to confiscate it was equally amusing. This shows the paranoia he faces, or rather, I think he stated it to get attention, and it obviously worked. Hey, even I heard about it, which gives the movie publicity, even though it is highly unlikely that anybody in the government would actualy confiscate the thing. Of course, with such a vocal figure, the government would be stupid to confiscate his movie, but I doubt that would stop him from making up a story that the government tried to.

All the guy does is lie to meet his means.

This is a fascinating article. I highly recommend reading it.

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