More Fun with Flash

It can be educational too!

This is a slideshow persentation of Spots on Horses. Although Paint markings aren't generally thought of as spots so to speak, but I don't care, I'll call it whatever I want. So, Paint and Appaloosa Marking, for those who don't know what they are.

I got the images all over the net, so if you are perusing my website and recognize one of the horses as your own and are upset with me, I apologize but do take note that I make no money off this website.

I felt like I had to go back again and again to make sure my Tovero example was in fact a Tovero. I might be wrong and it is actually an Overo, so if you know spots and horses and you see something on my presentation as incorrect, please enlighten me.

I can definitely see using this program more in the future.

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