New Years Resolutions - 2010/2011

Alright, New Year means New Resolutions, and a check to see how I did.

Knock off some states off my States I haven't Visited Yet list - Got Michigan, Wisonsin, Michigan and North Dakota. That just leaves five, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alaska and Hawaii.

Read and Finish at least one book a month - I used to be a bookworm, but other things kept my mind off of reading this year.

Run Bloomsday under an Hour Thirty - Ran Bloomsday, I think my time was 1:20 or something. Definitely accomplished.

Operation Zombie Plan - I completely forgot to do it. It's a joke I want to do. I have to enlist some help of some siblings or my husband. We'll see.

NanoWriMo - I did it twice successfully, this year I had other things occupying my time. November was a crazy month.

Write and Publish a Short Story - I didn't do a lot of writing this year in general, again, lot's of other things on my mind. That's a good thing probably.

24 Hour Comic - I still want to do this, best do it when my husband is not home. Because he would undoubtedly get bored with it.

Give Comic an Ultimatum - Continue it or Kill it. This will be a green regardless. Haha! It's a yellow. I didn't give it an ultimatum yet, I haven't done much with it, but I don't want to give up on it yet. It is leering towards killing it unfortunately.

Work on Social Life - still a huge homebody, but my social life is immensely better this year. We being newlyweds don't do a lot of going out on the town, but I would say I am much more social then before.

Be More Active - Immensely more active, I am still a bit of a homebody and like to lounge around the house surfing the internets, but with P90X, horses, and everything else, I am staying pretty active and feel great. Also, ran a half marathon, insanely slow, but I did it!

Employment - marriage killed the initiative to find a job, and when I did find one, I got pregnant and it wasn't a good combo. I do want to get a real job, perferably working from home because I would love to be a stay at home mom.

Concealed Weapon's Permit - Damn. Bite the bullet and get it I guess.

So how did I do? 7 reds, 1 yellow and 4 greens. Not great, but not awful, considering I had three that were writing related and 2 comic related. So, how goes this year?

1. Run Bloomsday at close to an hour - I'm trying to get back into running, I'm working at P90X and as soon as the weather clears up I'm going to squeeze in some running as well. I would like to run a possible half marathon.

2. Leadman - it's a triathlon that is ski/snowboard, bike and run in Idaho. Takes place on our wedding anniversary. We would have done it last year, but, well, marriage happened instead :)

3. Pattern Racing - I am so going to do this more this year! Take a horse and run patterns on them, and I've got a horse that is awesome at patterns! She loves to run, and I'm going to do more of this.

4. Trail Challenge, Ride and Ties - More horse related items, the Trail Challenge is just riding on a trail with obstacles and getting rated on it. Same horse as above. The ride and tie is two people and a horse racing and switching off. Trail challenge is local, ride and tie not so much.

5. Concealed Weapons Permit - I am going to do this, I am going to do this.

6. Motorcycle License - I just want one, so I think I'm going to take a class and learn how to ride a motorcycle. Then my hubby and I can ride together.

7. Finish P90X - at the end of week 3 and so far so good! Since we got the right weights, it has shown to be more of a workout then before. I've only missed one day, Yoga, two days ago, and one Ab Ripper workout, yesterday, due to lower back pain. Hopefully we can continue and finish this thing out. I feel great already!

8. Go Canyoneering - we got this slotted for this year sometime. Probably in the spring, heading for Southern Utah.

9. Start writing a children's book - I want to write, illustrate and publish a children's book. It's a time consuming process, I don't expect it to get done in one day, but it would be pretty cool if I can get it going.

10. Employment - I need a job. In this economy it isn't great. Maybe something stay at home, on my own hours. That way I can continue taking care of the house, get things organized, and if somebody comes along, I don't have to change my schedule that much.

11. Learn to cook at least one new meal every month, if not every week - I need to diversify my domestic skills, and men I learn, love to eat.

12. 24 hour comic - hold over from last year, still want to do it.

13. Get back into painting - My plan from last year didn't work. I have a studio now, so I don't have any excuses. Hmm, well, maybe one.

14. Organize my studio space - it is currently a disaster. I need to get things set up in there so I can actually use the space.

15. Get Pregnant - Depending on when this happens, this might but make a lot of my other resolutions go red.

2010 was actually a fantastic year for me. Here's to an even better 2011!


Ted C is Me said...

My big one for 2010 was lose 30 pounds; it's 45 and counting, so is there a color better than green?


Happy 2011!

Chad said...

Great list! I did manage to get my CCW this year. That's easy, getting the right gun/holster combo less so.

Haji said...

That's the fun part, Chad. I've carried the same gun for a couple years now, but the holster collection is expanding. I mostly use a Safariland 529 belt slide and a Peters Custom Holsters "Hold Fast" IWB rig for a Glock 19. Give 'em a look!

Kami, one thing I've done off and on is from home Ebay sales. There are a couple places around Ft. Campbell here to get surplus stuff really cheap, which can be turned on Ebay for a profit. It takes some study, though, to get stuff that can be turned for a profit. I have to keep close tabs on the market, which is hard to do with a full time-and-then-some-job. Maybe something you can look into.

Andrew C said...

Happy New Year all!
"learn how to ride a motorcycle" - or learn to drive a motorcycle? ;-) Definitely take the class. You'll learn & practice (briefly) what you need to do and boost your confidence. Then you'll need to spend time on the road learning, but that's the fun part.

Chad - Try the Fobus paddle holster. That's become my preferred holster.