Update On Cat Fiasco

So, I've had some calls for some updates on my status in regards to the potentially rabid kitty and likely my health.

Well, good news and bad news.

bad news? I may have seen Justin the potentially rabid cat a week ago, but it was to dark to make a positive identification and the mysterious cat sort of disappeared. And because cat could not be identified, they had to take precautionary measures and so now I have been vaccinated for Rabies.

Good News? Rabies vaccines are not as painful as they were before. I got three shots of Immuno Globulin in my thighs and arm and the rabies vaccine in my other arm, and then I have to go back three more times to get the rabies vaccine once more. I've gone back twice now, next monday and I will be completely vaccinated for Rabies for a year. So if I can handle potentially rabid animals with less of a risk to my health then other people. Will I? Well, I still want to avoid animals frothing at the mouth that can potentially attack me, but it is nice to have that extra safety precaution.

Also, my other two barn cats, the sane ones, have now been fully vaccinated. The vet complimented them on how well they behaved, especially considering they are barn cats, saying that they were better then a lot of other housecats that come through. I then learned that for a couple free barn cats, they are expensive in their own way. So no more free cats for me.

I'm still keeping an eye out for Justin, but I got sick of locking the cats in the tack room where they were just crapping wherever. I was hoping that perhaps they would learn to stay out of the cat trap but I have found Tim more then once eating the tuna I was using to catch the other cat. The last time he was stretched out on his back calmly waiting for me to open the door. He knows I'll let him out eventually. Crazy cat.

If I ever do catch Justin, or see him again, I don't know what I'm going to do with him. If he's still alive, he definitely does not have rabies, but if he just stays out of my way and doesn't attack people, whatever. Kind of sad, somebody was suggesting he could have been abused and reacted out of fear, which frustrates me.

If Justin ever does come back, I'll be sure to let you all know. My guess I'll see him after my rabies series is complete.


Pogue said...

Glad to hear you got the vaccination(s). I was a little worried about that.

Andrew C said...

Glad to hear you're ok. So, going to walk on the wild side now. Not sure you're mom would like that. ;-)

drew458 said...

Abused? I doubt it. Some cats are just plain ornery. And psycho.

Be glad you're shut of him.