Preparing for a Revamp

Well, other than the blog, which will probably stay right here. I'm talking about my website, which still exists but is rather neglected over at risawn.com. I'm actually planning to use the com in .com for what it's intention is, I'm going commerical.

Actually, I'm going to redub the site Risawn Studios, and am trying to come up with a nifty logo to use with it, and then I think I'm going to showcase my art and photography, and then go into freelance work and perhaps try something with taking pictures and portraits for people or what not. So it's a way to showcase my work and hopefully profit a little on the side. I would be content for this to just be a side job to make a little extra money along with any other odd jobs I do. The key being, of course, is working from home is my goal. If I can keep myself motivated.

Also, I need a new computer. My husband is a mac, but I can't picture myself buying a desktop mac with all of the software I have, and paying so much for one, when I've stuck on PC.

Meanwhile, completed my first month of P90X. Pics to come, although I'm debating on showing pictures at the end of it all.

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Physics Geek said...

Want a mac, but not the cost? Look here for a reverse engineered open source version. I know it works because a friend made a computer for his daughter (graphic designer, video engineer) and all of her Mac software works just fine; she can't tell the difference. My friend could because it cost him about 30% of the cost of a comparable iMac.