Independent Films

I just discovered that I have a love for independant films. I mean, if you look at the stereotypical hollywood produced film, it seems to always follow the same basic formula, which has caused me to not want to watch a lot of movies as of late. Most of these films seem to be concerned with special effects and nonstop action that kind of leaves you dizzy.

I heard about Osama during the academy awards, the first movie to come out of Afghanistan since the fall of the Taliban, and it shook me. People may complain of its slow paced nature, but I found that the movie was flawless to me. I cannot say that I particularly enjoyed the film, it is difficult to enjoy something so depressing as a story of a young girl trying to survive during the height of the taliban, but it was definitely a movie I would recommend to anybody.

And what's more, it was free! I knew I saved those credits for a reason.

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