my work is going to get the best of me one of these days

I have found that I don't mind my job however. Sometimes I can't stand it, but for the most part, I do like my job. And I'm easy to please. If I dont' get very many hours one week, I make do and find other things to do instead of work (usually I end up sleeping). If I have good hours, then I just work my tail off and ignore the fact that I wouldn't mind having some kind of life on the side. Oh well, it's all good.

I also have a strong tendency to pick up hours. Seems most people call me first. Today I picked up another shift and then I discovered I didn't feel very good. Bah. Tomorrow I work an opening morning shift and then I got four days in a row off.

I have to find something to do for four days in a row. I think i'm going to go bike the hiawatha. If I can get over in that direction that is.

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