Universal Healthcare

Ok, one thing that Kerry is pushing that I don't agree with is universal healthcare, and I'll tell you why.

Many chronic illnesses that people suffer in our day and age are caused by acts of their own doing. Some people participate in lifestyles and acts that are proven damaging to ones health. For some reason, they think that because they have the freedoms to act in these manners, they demand the right to be treated for them when they get ill.

You know how much money we blow on healthcare for people who take part in dangerous acts that caused an illness that requires medical treatment? The key word here is preventable illness, see. We spend a lot of money on these people. And the thought of that really does infuriate me. Grr. . .

I do agree on Healthcare for people with genetic illness, an illness aquired through no fault of their own, and children.

You would be surprised by how much money we could save if we spent money on prevention instead of treatment. Prevention is much cheaper then treatment, but it is often less popular because to educate people about dangerous acts makes people think that the government is impeding on their freedoms. Hey, here's and idea for you. We'll educate you on the damaging nature of what you are doing and what the risks are if you participate on these acts, you go ahead and choose to do them or not, and if you get caught with a massive doctors bill due to something you did, you need to be aware that you were warned before hand and now you get to pay the costs. Sucks to be you. Deal with it.

Maybe I'm just heartless or cruel, but that just bugs me.

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