Ramblings of an Insomniac

I have been suffering from insomnia lately. I've been averaging about six hours of sleep at night this week, and last night I got to bed around 3 and woke up at 7. And I'm still awake and not in the least bit sleepy.

Ok, maybe a little.

This is saying something because a couple weeks ago I was in the mood to go to bed around nine or ten and get up when I had to, go to work, come home, pass out for a noonday nap and then get up and do something or whatever. Wait, this was last week. Now this week I'm actually not taking my mid day naps, which are honestly annoying and rather pointless. I mean, I can't think of what could possibly be a bigger waste of time then sleeping.

Anyway, I'm on one of my little cycles where I don't feel like sleeping. I've always been more of a night owl. I'll probably stay up pretty late tonight doing who knows what and sleep in tomorrow, considering its the first day this week where I'm not opening my store.

Man I've been in this really strange mood lately. I used to love movies, i still buy them every now and then (mostly because I get a great discount on them if I get them used, which is how I usually buy them) but I find these are more of a waste of time as well. I'm not really into any sitcoms or anything else on TV currently, well, other then Freaks and Geeks, a new little quirk of mine which is kind of odd because its a canceled tv show that only lasted one season, which is really a pity because it was actually a good show.

But my mind has really been bothering me lately. See, I've been having memory problems for a while now, recalling things and so on, especially books, and just things in my past. It is really annoying me, becuase one of the precious things I have found about life is the memories you take with you of the things you have done. But what point is it to do things if you're memory of the event is a complete wreck three weeks down the road? This is really bothering me that I have trouble recalling some facts when my mind used to be sharp as a tack. Is it related to my memory loss back in January? Or is it something entirely different?

Why do i have to be so broody?

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